Proper Sitting Posture Health Design Project


With the popularity of electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, modern people spend more and more time on these things. Incorrect sitting and standing postures while play these electronic devices often lead to a large number of unconscious hunchbacks, which lead to excessively bended spine and cause more serious physical illness.

Research + Context

I start this project by study the causes of hunchback formation and possible diseases that it cause, and also did some research on ergonomics about correct sitting and standing posture. I went to furniture store to experience some good-designed chairs, and then decided to focus on proper sitting posture only.


A postural hunchback that commonly occurs in older age due to long-term effects of posture and gravity on the spine. It looks like a rounded curve of the upper back, near the neck. Nowadays, because the mobile phone and computer popularity, the age of the hunchback is getting younger and younger.

Because of the various ways you might define a postural hunchback, its hard to record the data of people who is suffering with a hunchback, because it could be as bad as an illness, or just getting used to poor posture. The prevalence of people who are just a little hunched might be much higher than that of those suffering from a more severe form of hunchback.

But there are also different levels of reversibility. If you have mild stiffness that creates the hunch, it might be easier to change than severe stiffness. You could always make some sort of difference if you did the right stretching, manual therapy, physical activity and postural changes.

Interaction – Data Tracking

The interaction of this project comes from the connection between the mobile phone and the smart seat cushion. The smart seat cushion can be detected and connected by Bluetooth. After connected, the detected sitting data can be transmitted back to the mobile phone application. On the main page of the app, users can see their own sitting time data, and they can see how many hours of the day are they sitting, and when is the longest time period of sitting.

The user can also set the time that they want to be reminded in the settings. For example, if it is set to 1 hour, the application will remind the user to stand up and take an exercise after sitting for an hour. If the user remained a proper sitting posture in this period, then there will be a reward illustration which is a girl sitting up straightly. If the sitting position is not good during this hour, a hunchback illustration will appear.

Reward Illustration for keep a Proper Sitting Posture
Disappointed Illustration for not keeping Proper Sitting Posture
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