ECUAD Art Swap Service Design Project

ECUAD Art Swap Exhibition Poster
— designed by Yujia Zhai


A lot of artists had extra work laying around, and this service can be executed right here on the ECU campus, where students are often burdened by test prints and inconvenient large-scaled artworks. Therefore, we decided to design an application platform and hold regular exhibitions so that ECU students can easily exchange their work.

This is a group service design project that I have worked for with Michelle Chan, Andy Gao and Yujia Zhai. First of all, Yujia and me did an online survey face to all ECUAD students. Based on the data that we got, Michelle and Andy made personas and journey map of how we want this service design project to be. Finally, I took charge of the online platform user flow and UI visual deisgn.

Survey – Yujia & Zitong

We created an online survey that we distributed around the ECU community. The survey helped us gain an understanding of the types of art people own. By doing this research process, we realized that there are many people who have idle art works at home that are not useful but they are reluctant to throw away.

Face to Face Interview – Andy & Michelle

They did interviews within the ECUAD campus, their high school as well as their community centre, where there’s an active presence of artist and art practicioners of all ages. After completing several one-on-one interviews, they found that interviewees were less inclined to discuss when ideas were not being challenged or furthered by other opinions. By gathering people in a small group, people were more willing to talk and contribute to the questions that were being asked. Responses shared similarities. By combining general answers, this report’s results are less redundant and repetitive. This form of presentation is more understandable and practical for the following research process.

Journey Map

Journey Map
— made by Michelle

Service Blueprint

Service Blueprint
— made by Andy

App Mockups

Application Mockups
— designed by Zitong
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