TD Online Banking Application Redesign Project


This project aim to redesign a current application. The application that I chose is TD online banking mobile app. The reason why I chose it is because:

1. There are many unecessary repetitions on the home page

2. The user flow is not very practical (home page shows before login page)

3. Operation icons are not in hot zone

Comparative and Competitive Analysis

By starting this project, I compare the TD mobile apps to several other banks’

Comparative and Competitive Analysis

User Flow and Mockups

User Flow
User Flow

Hot Zone Research

Change #1

Changed the enter area to hot zone, and added the fingerprint login method

Change #2

Changed the operating area to hot zone, zoom in the icons and rearranged the other operations

Change #3

Deleted some operations which already have on the home page from the side bar

New Function

Added a new function called “monthly budget” which could help user control their monthly consumption
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